Volunteer Jobs

Below is a list of volunteer jobs and descriptions.

Board of Directors

Vacant positions when available and annual AGM nominations.

Parent Representatives

  • Share information with parents on club activities
  • Point of contact for Club on parent suggestions for Club improvements
  • Assist Volunteer committee in communicating with Parents

Test Day Volunteers

  • Ice captains
  • Runners
  • Music players

Hospitality Volunteers

  • Food preparation and serving for judges and officials on test days and competitions
  • Supplying food for pot lucks

Fundraising Committee

  • Obtain corporate sponsors
  • Obtain gifts for the annual silent auction
  • Organize a fundraising event

Banquet and Awards Night

  • Organize, collect for the silent auction, and assist with set-up and tear down.
  • Organize venue, entertainment, decor, table assignment, etc.

Ad Hoc Requests

There are various events held at the Club each year that require volunteers such as the annual Club competition in December/January.

Event Volunteers (Seminars, Club Competitions, Autumn Skate, Spring Festival Skate)

** (All jobs are explained prior to the start of your shift and team supervisors will be there to guide you).

Runner Coordinator

Ensures that the runners know when and where to deliver or pick up music, results or deliver other items around the rink complex as required. (age 16+)


Under the direction of the Coordinator you will drop off and pick up music and report cards from the registration desk, judges platform and data room. You may also be asked to deliver other items with in the rink. (age 12+).

Setup / Tear Down

Before the event starts you will help move tables, chairs and podiums, hang signs, drape tables with table clothes etc… and when the event is finished put all items away and clean up. (14+)

Skater Registration Desk

Sign in skaters, and ensure they provide all information required, let them know what dressing room they should get ready in. (age 16+)

Music Registration Desk

Record receipt of skater’s music and program sheets as required; ensure the music is organized in the set manner for each event. Skates will also pick up music from your table after their event along with a report card if applicable.  (age 16+)

Admission Desk

Collect admission fees from spectators, provide admission tickets or stamps and sell event Programs. Responsible for a cash float and to record Programs sold.

Volunteer Desk

Greet volunteers when they arrive have them sign in and sign out, provide and general information required and direct them to their volunteer location. (14+)

Ice Captain

Responsible for the flow of skaters coming on and off the ice for an event. Ensure all skaters are accounted for at rink side before a warm up begins. Keep track of who is on the ice and who is up next. Wear a head set to communicate with the announcer.. Keep control of the access to the ice. (16+)

Dressing Room Attendant

Confirm that all skaters for upcoming events have signed in and are accounted for. Let skaters know if the event is running early or late.  Inform the Ice Captain in any skaters have withdrawn that day. Ensure skaters are in the assigned dressing rooms.(14+)


Admissions Security and General Crowd Control – Ensure spectators demonstrated the have paid to enter the spectating area, ensure only skaters and coaches can enter the dressing room area. (14+)

First Aid Responders

A valid St. John Ambulance First Aid Course or equivalent. Is request to be at rink side or in the first aid room to respond to any minor first aid requirements of skaters due to injuries on or off the ice.


Provide support to the catering team by keeping the food presentable, area clean, restock the serving trays, make coffee, cut up, wrap or unwrap food, wash pots and containers. This activity takes place in one of the boardrooms in the rink. (age 14+)


A valid driver’s license is required. Drive officials to and from the airport or train stations or from the hotel to the rink and back. If using your own vehicle the mileage will be reimbursed.

Canteen Attendant

Sell prepared snacks and drinks to patrons at the rink. Also responsible for a cash float.  (16+).

Data Room Helper

Assist in the data room where skater results are recorded.  Photocopying, sorting and organizing paper work.


Upcoming Events

  1. STARSkate Invitational

    February 23 - February 25
  2. Test Day

    March 2
  3. Club Competition

    April 14

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