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The Fine Line Skating Team was formed by a group of adult skaters with a specific goal in mind:  they wisFine Linehed to continue to compete in the sport they loved by working collaboratively with like-minded team-mates. For these women, the team aspect of the sport was paramount; they recognized the interdependence of synchronized skaters, and hoped to be able to share all of the challenges and satisfaction of competing as a group.

Members of Fine Line understand that the success of a team hinges on the relationships among its members. We strive to have the most cohesive, co-operative esprit de corps of any team on the ice.  We respect the contributions and time commitments made by each of our members, as we realize that it is only by working together that we can triumph.

We are about promoting a long-term, physically active and healthy lifestyle though the sport of synchronized skating.  Through our involvement with the team, we continue to develop our skating skills, strength, stamina, speed and flexibility. We also value being active, supportive and positive role models for peers and young athletes in our club and in our community.

Fine Line competes in the  Adult 1 category and is coached by Natacha Saintonge.  The team practices on a weekly basis on Wednesday nights from September through March and runs skill sessions in the spring and summer.

Mission Statement:

Fine Line is dedicated to providing adult figure skaters with the opportunity to develop physically, mentally and socially, and to compete in a fun and committed team environment.  We provide the opportunity for life-long participation in skating.

Goals for the Season:

Once the team has been selected, its members will work together to develop goals for the season ahead.  We will strive to accept input from coaches and skaters alike.

Team Expectations

Dedication to the Team
During scheduled practices and competitions, members put the team first and foremost, making every effort to get along with others.

Goal Orientation
At the beginning of each season, members set realistic goals with a true sense of a larger picture and are committed to these common goals.

Members commit to attending practices (both off and on-ice) and competitions as teammates depend on one another.

Members explore other fitness opportunities to ensure their maximum stamina, strength and flexibility on the ice.

Members ensure that they arrive at each practice having reviewed and practised the program.  Music and written program steps are provided to them for this purpose.

Positive Attitude
Members demonstrate emotional control, manage their anxiety and support their teammates while adapting to unforeseen events.

Members respect their coaches, managers and fellow skaters at all times.

Members are “present” at all skating activities having left their personal distractions in the parking lot.

Members keep an open mind when learning new skills and are accommodating of changes both off and on the ice.

Through a shared love of skating, members have the opportunity to participate in social activities, to travel and to experience camaraderie.

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For further information, please contact the Fine Line’s Team Manager Catherine Hodgkinson.


Upcoming Events

  1. STARSkate Invitational

    February 23 - February 25
  2. Test Day

    March 2
  3. Club Competition

    April 14

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