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The Gloucester Skating Club offers several Learn to Skate Programs including Pre-CanSkate, CanSkate, AdultSkate and Recreational Figure Skating.

Learn to Skate Programs

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There are six ‘stage’ badges to complete in the CanSkate program. Each stage incorporates skills focusing on the fundamental movements of Agility, Balance and Control, the A B Cs of skating. Each stage also includes ‘extreme’ skills to challenge the skaters. The skaters are evaluated on a day-to-day basis and awarded badges as they learn the required elements.

Skaters progress at their own speed as coaches test on a continual basis. Skate Canada certified coaches provide a “focus on fun” that creates the best quality- learning environment possible. A maximum skater to coach ratio of 10:1 is maintained. Hockey and ringette players can also enhance their game by improving their skills within this program. As the skater progresses through the stages in the CanSkate program they will become eligible to move into the Skate Canada test stream.

Pre-CanSkate – Ages 3 and 4

This Skate Canada National Program is a learn-to-skate program designed for children three and four years of age. Children are taught basic skating fundamentals, with a focus on continuous movement and creative play. Skaters in this program work towards completing their Pre-CanSkate ribbon.

CanSkate – Ages 4 to 6+IMG_4311

This Skate Canada National Program is a learn-to-skate program that teaches children, four years and older, the fundamentals of forward and backward skating, stopping, balance, turning, forward and backward cross-cuts etc. Beginner hockey and ringette players can also enhance their game by improving their skating skills with our program.

Note: All CanSkate and Adult CanSkate skaters up to and including Stage 5 MUST wear a CSA approved hockey helmet while on the ice. See Helmet Policy.

Rec Figure Program

Rec Figure skaters continue to develop figure skating skills in groups in a fun, recreational and safe environment. In Active for Life, Teen/Adult skaters learn skating skills from beginner to recreational figure skating.

CanSkate Sessions:
Fees, Days and Times


2017-18 Skate Canada member fee (Sep 1-Aug 31)   $35.70
GSC Skater Development fee (per registration)            $5.00



Winter Sessions
(January 6 – March 31, 2018)

2018 Winter Brochure – CanSkate
2018 Winter CanSkate Calendar
2018 Winter Parent Info – PreCanSkate
2018 Winter Parent Info – CanSkate 1
2018 Winter Parent Info – CanSkate 2-3

Fall 2017 Sessions
(September 18 – December 21, 2017)

2017 Fall Brochure – CanSkate
2017 Fall CanSkate Calendar
2017 Fall Parent Info – PreCanSkate
2017 Fall Parent Info – CanSkate 1
2017 Fall Parent Info – CanSkate 2 – 3
2017 Fall FAQ CanSkate

We are happy to accept late registrants during the skating season!  

If it is 3-4 weeks after the session has already started feel free to register on a session where space is available.  Your price will be pro-rated based on the  number of sessions remaining in the season.

After 4 weeks of skating, our members are well integrated in their groups and moving on the ice.  At this time, we limit the number of registrants so that we can assess new skaters and place them in a group that most closely matches their skill level.  At this time, you may not see any sessions open for registration.  Please register for a drop-in to get a Skate Assessment.  Our Skating Director or Supervisor will meet with you at the Boards to discuss your skater’s skills and spend a few minutes on the ice to observe their skills.  Please have your Skater arrive with skates and a CSA approved hockey helmet on.  Our Director will then discuss with you the Session and group that is most appropriate for the Skater, where they can readily integrate with an existing group.

Do you need more registration information?

Please contact the Club Office at if you have any questions. If you need assistance you may contact the office to schedule a training session on the system.

If you need to add or make changes after the Skating School has started, please email the Club Office at

Other Information

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  2. Test Day

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