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logo_adultskate-lgAdult skating is growing in popularity and more and more clubs offer a fun, learning and social opportunity to this segment of the population. Adults participate in CanSkate and the StarSkate program as well as on synchronized skating teams. Adult Championships currently provide opportunities to adult skaters to experience the challenge of a competition in a social environment.

Teen/Adult and Rec Figure Programs at GSC

Our Teen/Adult Program is open to all teens/adults who wish to learn to skate,
enhance their skating ability and pursure their enjoyment in the sport.

Our Rec Figure program is designed to provide the recreational skater with further development of figure skating skills.

This program provides group instruction to skaters wishing to enhance their skating skills in a fun, recreational and safe environment.

Skaters must have completed the CanSkate Stage 4 level or demonstrate equivalent ability. On-ice sessions are provided in groups in circuit and station formats. Skaters develop in the group setting while still attaining personal goals.

Skate Canada/USFSA Test Equivalencies for Adult Competition

Free Skating Tests
USFSA Test Skate Canada Test Equivalency
Pre-Preliminary Free Skate No Skate Canada Tests
Preliminary Preliminary Free Skate
Pre-Juvenile Junior Bronze
Juvenile Junior  Bronze
Intermediate Senior Bronze
Adult Pre-Bronze No Skate Canada test equivalent
Adult Bronze Preliminary
Adult Silver Junior Bronze
Adult Gold Junior  Bronze
Dance Tests
USFSA Test Skate Canada Test Equivalency
Preliminary Preliminary
Pre-Bronze Junior Bronze
Bronze Junior Bronze
Pre-Silver/Adult Pre-Silver Senior Bronze
Silver/Adult Silver Junior Silver
Pre-Gold/Adult Pre-Gold Senior Silver
Gold/Adult Gold Gold
Pair Test
USFSA Test Skate Canada Test Equivalency
Juvenile Juvenile Competitive Pair
Intermediate Pre-Novice Competitive Pair

“Moves in the Field” events

For USFSA “Moves in the Field” events please refer to the applicable dance test pre-requisites.

Other Information

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Upcoming Events

  1. STARSkate Invitational

    February 23 - February 25
  2. Test Day

    March 2
  3. Club Competition

    April 14

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