Fundraising is a very integral and important part of the Gloucester Skating Club as it helps to keep ice and program costs reasonable for everyone, at every level of skating.

The Club supports a number of fundraisers listed below. Spread the word throughout your community!

If you have an idea for a fundraiser, please contact the Club office at 613-830-1610.

For information on the GSC Sponsorship Package for 2017-2018 please contact

GSC Fundraisers

Magazine Subscriptions
Nevada tickets
Used Skate and Clothing Sales


Register for FundScrip, the program that turns everyday purchases into earnings.

This program allows you to earn money on the items that you normally buy on a regular basis while helping to support your athlete’s development financially. A win-win situation!

How it Works

  1. Register online – it is Free and easy! Go to Click on Sign Up (top right hand corner), provide the sign up information required. You will be asked to enter GSC’s invitation code, which is: HPL6DY. Confirm your Sign up (you will receive an email at the address you signed up with).
  2. Buy Gift Cards from over 150 retailers (e.g. Superstore, Loeb, Esso, Petro Canada, Sears, Starbucks, Canadian Tire, etc.). Orders can be made online every two weeks with payments made by Electronic Fund Transfers or Credit Card.
  3. Purchase groceries, gas, clothing, etc. as you normally would with Gift Cards.
  4. FundScrip pays back a % of Gift Cards purchased (percentages range from 2% to 15%). Note: Credit card purchases are charged an additional fee of 2.25% and are therefore NOT RECOMMENDED!
  5. GSC will allocate 100% of the Club’s earnings to individual skaters’ accounts calculated based on their monthly purchases. These earnings can be put towards your child’s ice fees.

NOTE: The Club is in a position to offer 100% at this time. Should the Club’s position change in the future we may have to change the profit-sharing split.

** NOTE:  There is an annual $20 participation fee for this program. You will see the charge on your statement of account as you would any other charge. **

FundScrip – Frequently Asked Questions

What makes FundScrip different than other fundraisers?

Members register with FundScrip and then purchase gift cards from retailers in virtually every category from grocery and gas to department and specialty stores. With each gift card purchase, FundScrip pays a % (ranges from 2% to 15% depending on the retailer) back to you. The Club is pleased to offer our StarSkate and Competitive members 100% profit on earnings* – earnings which can be put towards your child’s ice fees and other charges on their Club account.

Many traditional fundraisers involve going door to door to sell raffle tickets, chocolates, etc. With FundScrip there is no door to door selling. By purchasing gift cards through FundScrip before you shop at your favourite stores, you will earn money to put towards your child’s skating.

Shop with your purchased gift cards, and use the gift cards as you would with cash. It’s that easy and there are no additional costs to you!

How do I make purchases?

Purchases can be made electronically from your FundScrip account.

Sign-up for Electronic Fund Transfers – print off the form from the FundScrip web site, complete it, and fax it to FundScrip with a void cheque to the number indicated on the form. You can also scan and email the form to You will receive an email when your EFT account has been activated.

Note: Credit Card purchases are also available; however, Electronic purchases are preferred. They cost you nothing and you keep more of your earnings! Credit card purchases are charged an additional fee of 2.25% and ARE NOT ADVISED!

Payments cannot be made from skaters’ GSC accounts. If a skater has a credit on their account it cannot be used to purchase cards through FundScrip.

How often can I make purchases?

Purchases can be made every two weeks. Order deadlines are every second Monday at 9:30 am EST (subject to change based on statutory holidays)

Where and when do I pick up my gift cards?

Gift Cards can be picked up from the Club Office on Thursdays, the same week as the order deadline. Check the GSC web site for office hours.

How will I receive my earnings?

GSC will allocate 100%* of the earnings to individual members’ accounts calculated based on their monthly purchases.

FundScrip Brochure

Magazine Subscriptions

No chocolates to sell, no cars to wash, no restaurant receipts to collect! Just purchase a MAGAZINE SUBSCRIPTION from one of over 500 choices, at up to 85% less than magazine stand prices, and the club will receive up 37% of the subscription price.

Here is an example of how it works. People Magazine costs over $4 at a national retail store, but you only pay $2.26 per magazine with a 19 issue subscription and the club will receive a share of the subscription price. Subscriptions also include e-versions which can be read on phones, tablets and computers. Too easy!

Magazines are a great gift idea for the family member or friend who has everything!

To set up your subscription go to:

Enjoy your sports news, entertainment gossip, food magazine while supporting your club.  Most subscriptions include the online version too so you can read your magazines on the device of your choice.  Share this great deal  with family and friends – all sales support the Club.

Nevada Tickets

Nevada (break-open) tickets are sold at the Mac’s convenience store across the street from the Bob MacQuarrie Recreation Complex. GSC gets a 50% return on each ticket sold!

Used Skate and Clothing Sales

Gloucester Skating Club holds two annual skate sales. Proceeds from these fundraisers directly support the Competitive Team in September and EOSIC team in January.

Skate Sales are a great way to buy and sell used skate wear, while also contributing to the Gloucester Skating Club.

Watch the Events Calendar for details.

Upcoming Events

  1. STARSkate Invitational

    February 23 - February 25
  2. Test Day

    March 2
  3. Club Competition

    April 14

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