Amber Green

Amber Greene grew up figure skating from the age of 6 to 18 when she moved to Toronto for University.  After University she attended the School of Dances’ professional contemporary dance training program receiving certification as a Professional Contemporary Dancer in 2015. Since 2015 she has been performing, teaching, and has completed a 200 hour therapeutic movement teacher training with Todd Lavictoire and Lisa Hebert, and a 30 hour yin yoga teacher training with Joe Barnett.
I plan to introduce the skaters to classical contemporary dance technique from Graham, Cunningham, Horton and Limon as well as techniques from Peter Boneham, Sylvie Desrosiers and Peggy Baker. Selecting exercises from these techniques will improve body awareness, posture, range of motion and muscle coordination in hopes to compliment on-ice technical demands. Classes focus on performance skills such as fluidity and quality of movements, sequencing of and transitioning between movements in addition to nurturing and developing creativity through choreography and improvisation.

Upcoming Events

  1. STARSkate Invitational

    February 23 - February 25
  2. Test Day

    March 2
  3. Club Competition

    April 14

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