Travelling Blades – Maeve and Sheilagh go north….way north!

As you may know, the Gloucester Skating Club (GSC) has a unique relationship with the Iqaluit Skating Club (ISC) – we support them in their efforts to bring CANSkate programming and more to our fellow skaters up here in the north. We occasionally get to visit them, and if you recall, they sometimes come down south to visit us – last year’s Spring Festival Skate for example.

We came up here last week to work with the coaches, skaters, parents, Program Assistants (PAs), and Board of Directors of the Iqaluit Skating Club.

The weather was cold…there was a mini blizzard on Saturday. We really felt like we were in the North!


Everyone was so friendly and welcoming. They made us feel like we were part of their northern community!

Sheilagh and Maeve leading on-ice training sessions with the PAs. Many of them are adults from around the community.

The group of STAR Skaters we worked with on-ice.


GSC and ISC share a common passion for skating, and we are so happy to have been invited up North to work with these wonderful people!

Goodbye Iqaluit – we hope to see you again soon!

Maeve and Sheilagh

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