Wild Rose Invitational

Our first installment comes from Jasmine and Emma travelling to the Wild Rose Invitational with Darlene Joseph…stay tuned for more!

August 2017

Jasmine Liu and Emma Proft with Darlene Joseph
Day 1 – Travel

August 3, 2017

After a last minute physio appointment and skate sharpening, a tear in Jasmine’s boots and needing to find a shoemaker to fix it, our fearless travellers had their morning’s direct flight cancelled and had to scramble for a new one – this one an evening flight with a late-night stopover in Calgary.

Need Sleep!!

 Day 1 – Travel, Part 2

At the airport, views from the plane and another sleeping beauty.

Day 2 – We’ve arrived!

August 4, 2017

Ran into some familiar faces!! Reunion with the Ruiters!!

Day 2 – We’ve arrived, Part 2

August 4, 2017

Pre-practice workout at the hotel!

Day 3 – The Short

August 5, 2017

Note from the Editor: Tonight at 9:30pm our time (I hope) check out the live feed of the Robinson Arena in Leduc, Alberta to cheer on Jasmine and Emma as they skate their short programs!

Day 3 – The Short, Part 2

August 5, 2017

Lunch before practice! Napkin tricks!

Day 3 – The Short, Part 3

August 5, 2017

An inspiration to all. Great to hang out with 3-time Canadian National Champion and 2017 World Silver Medallist Kaetlyn Osmond. Later we got to spend some time with the “Bun Master” too!

Day 3 – The Short, Part 4

August 5, 2017

From the Editor: Tonight’s short program is about to start! You can livestream it and watch on your phone, your tablet, or like we are- on airplay, snuggled on the couch with some of our skaters’ favourite treats – candy and chocolate. A little birdie told me Darlene Joseph‘s favourite is gummy bears, but I can’t promise there will be any left when she returns….

Day 4 – The Free

August 6, 2017

From the Editor: With Emma currently in 3rd and Jasmine in 8th place, this afternoon at 3:00pm our time is your chance to watch the action at the Sobey’s Arena – send all of your positive vibes their way!

Day 5 – Homeward Bound

August 7, 2017

One last Edmonton treat!

Day 5 – Homeward Bound, Part 2

Great learning experience, thanks to GSC and Skate Ontario for all your support!!

“This was a great experience, and I will be applying what I’ve learned to upcoming events!”

“Great learning experience and great memories”

Final results: Emma 5th, Jasmine 8th

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